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A trekking trip without having something nice to eat is just a plain walk – and a hotel vacation without a visit to a restaurant is just a bed

Restaurant Tervaskanto
Eating and outdoor activities belong together without question. First of all, trekking can be dangerous when you are hungry. Secondly, as everyone knows, food tastes best after having some fresh air. Even though the nature is magnificent in Koli, the most highly anticipated moment of the trip is often the meal time.

National flavours in the national landscape

In Koli, nature is the main attraction. The hills, meadows, islands and primeval forests that have always attracted people can be tasted in the dishes, live on in stories and are visible in the restaurant milieu. For meals sold to take with you, the ancient Koli scenery offers an unforgettable dining place.

Hotels restaurant is an inviting restaurant of a cosy village hotel, a kitchen for handmade packed lunches and the greatest summer terrace in the Koli region right at the gate of the national park.

Puronmutka Bar & Cafe
You can find the stylish Puronmutka Bar & Cafe in the lobby of the new Break Sokos Hotel Koli Kylä!

Puronmutka is stylish without being self-important. Feet firmly on the nature trail but the thoughts on something more than just the basic needs. You can come and visit us straight from a trek, or spend a nice evening with friends at us. We offer delicious café products and tasty drinks, and you can easily order something special here.

A trekking trip without having something nice to eat is just a plain walk! You can also pick handmade packed lunch to go, ensuring that you have the energy to finish even the longest journey!

Puronmutka Bar & Cafe is a refreshing oasis that is located conveniently along the route – whether you are a local resident or a visitor, and regardless of where you are going.

Make a stop at Puronmutka!