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Polar Adventures at Koli Kylä

Polar Adventures at Koli Kylä

Polar Adventures offers high-quality rental equipment and program services at Break Sokos Hotel Koli Kylä

Our equipment rental service offers a wide range of top-notch gear designed to cater to adventurers of all ages and levels. Whether it's a day trip to snowy peaks or a cycling tour around Lake Pielinen, we provide the necessary equipment and professional staff to help you select the gear that suits you best.

Moreover, we offer a variety of program services. Do you want to experience the thrill of a dog sledding adventure, the mystique of the Koli area, or even a cave exploration? Our experienced and enthusiastic team organizes unforgettable excursions and activities that showcase the best aspects of Koli's nature and culture. You can also join guided tours to explore the area's stunning attractions under the guidance of a knowledgeable guide.

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Call: +358 44 237 7359
Kolintie 94 B 83960 Koli