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Safe surfaces in Seurahuone

Safe surfaces in Seurahuone

Solo Sokos Hotel Lahden Seurahuone was the first hotel in the world to receive a new Finnish innovation - the Nanoksi photocatalysis coating on touchable surfaces like tables, handles, lift buttons, chairs, etc.

The Nanoksi coating automatically destroys bacteria, microbes and viruses when exposed to light - turning them into water vapor.

Nanoksi coating is human and environment friendly and non-toxic. In fact products like yoghurt have the same ingredients. The coating was sprayed on all surfaces during summer of 2020 and will last atleast a year, when we of course plan to re-do it.

The coating was first developed to be used in hospitals and surgical theaters where cleanliness is mandatory. In recent tests the tables in our restaurant Trattoria where classified as clean enough to be used in a operating theater - ultimately clean.

In Finland many amusement parks and shopping malls have since been treated with the same Nanoksi photocatalysis coating to prevent spreading diseases or microbes.