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With kids in Kuopio

With kids in Kuopio

Kuopio offers plenty of fun activities and interesting places to explore for the whole family!

Kuopio is a joyful play land for the kids!

All fun things for the whole family in Kuopio!

Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi Onni the Squirrel has built play area for the kids in the restaurant Frans & Sophie. Restaurant Ehta has board games and activity booklets for children. Both restaurants have delicious menus that have been created big-heartedly for the kids according to their wishes.

Our receptionists are prepared with games and toys for both the younger and the older kids. Come to the reception and grab your own! During winter time you can also borrow sleds for sliding down snow-covered hills.

Only a 5min walk from our hotel and you will find the best playgrounds in the city. Pikku Kakkonen and Hapelähteen Park are in for the whole family.

When the family likes to splash around in warm waters and bounce off jumping towers like a clown master, we recommend heading towards Kuopio's new swimming hall, Kuntolaakso.

In Siikaranta, only three kilometers from the hotel, the whole family can play social racket padel in Bellanpuisto Park on the new indoor courts.

Of Kuopio's wonderful hiking trails, we recommend Puijo, our city's paradise, for families. During a forest trip, you can enjoy the legendary view from the tall Puijo Tower.

If the rainy weather surprises you, the whole family should head to the indoor playground HopLop and the sports centre Huippu Center. The virtual world Warppi next to Kuopio Market Square gets permission to let his imagination run wild and visit another dimension to fight UFOs.

Next to our hotel, cat lovers have created a lovely cat café Tiramisu, where we warmly recommend our guests to go and scratch the cuteness. The people of the cat café wish to book a visit time in advance.

The first regional photograph center in Finland, the VB Photograph Center, is located just a stone's throw away from the hotel and offers both local and international stars from the world of photography.

At the Kuopio Art Museum you will travel through history to this day in the blink of an eye. The museum is located just 100 bunny hops away, meaning just a 5 minute walk from the hotel. The city is full of art and stories into which the whole family can dive together with Old Kuopio museum's mobile games.

It is also nice to make a day trip to Tahko with the whole family where your holiday is anything but boring! By car Tahko is just a little less than an hour's drive away from our hotel. Then you are in the middle of the most beautiful holiday resort. At Tahko there is something to do all year around. From the autumn's fall colour tour trips to the snow holiday skiing in winter time to playing golf in the summer time.