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Accessibility in Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Kouvola

See here how accessibility has been taken into account at our hotel.

Public areas

The main entrance to our hotel offers obstacle-free access. The wide sliding doors open automatically, and there are no thresholds at the main door. Our reception desk has service counters at two different heights. Customer lifts to the room floors are located next to reception, and both can accommodate a wheelchair.

There is an accessible toilet near reception.

Assistance and guide dogs are welcome as both hotel and restaurant guests.

Accessible hotel rooms

Our hotel has three rooms of approximately 40 square metres with a design that seeks to cater to the needs of people with reduced mobility in the best way possible. There is one accessible room on each room floor, located close to the lift.

The doorway of the room is 80 cm wide from the corridor to the room and 80 cm wide from the room to the bathroom. The beds of the room are separate motorised beds with a width of 100 cm and a height of 60 cm. The sofa bed can also be used as an extra bed. The room has electric sockets and coat racks on the walls at different heights.

The bathroom threshold has a ramp to assist in moving with a wheelchair. The height of the toilet bowl is 47 cm, and there are support rails mounted on the wall on both sides of it. The shower has a movable shower chair and a rotating shower wall. The height of the washbasin is 82 cm.

Restaurant facilities

From the main entrance, there is a ramp with anti-slip taping to the Frans & Rose bistro. The hotel breakfast is served here, at the centre level of the restaurant, which includes customer tables in addition to the buffet area. There is a lift at the end of the buffet area that takes you to the lower level of the restaurant and the terrace.

Meeting facilities

The meeting facilities of our hotel are also accessed via the main entrance. Some of the meeting rooms are accessible via a ramp, and some are located directly at street level. Meeting rooms of different sizes are available, and some of them have movable tables that can be easily placed in different formations according to the guests' needs.


There are two parking spaces marked with wheelchair signs in front of the hotel. A vehicle equipped with a disabled parking permit can be parked in these spaces, or any other parking space in the hotel's car park, free of charge.