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Things to do and see in Kotka

See our staff's tips for the best attractions in Kotka.

Katariina Seaside Park

Katariina Seaside Park is an attraction close to Kotka centre that never fails to charm both new and frequent visitors. The park is a perfect spot for spending a beautiful summer day outdoors, as the area features a large lawn area, a volleyball court, playgrounds for children and several picnic spots. The park's location is unique; it has been built in place of an old oil port in the southern end of Kotkansaari island's cape, and it is surrounded by the sea. Katariina Seaside Park is only some two kilometres from our hotel.

Sapokka Water Garden

Sapokka Water Garden is the most famous park in Kotka and it has received more awards than any other park. Locals and tourists enjoy the park all year round, but after the winter, the park truly comes to life along with the various plants and flower arrangements. True to its name, water is one of the park's major elements, present in the forms of the sea, ponds and small brooks as well as an almost 30-metre tall waterfall. Sapokka Water Garden is worth visiting both during the day and in the evening, thanks to its extensive lighting. The water garden is only about a kilometre away from the hotel, so it is easy to reach even by walking. Our staff are happy to help you find the best possible route to the water garden and tell you more about the park's services.

Maritime Centre Vellamo

Maritime Centre Vellamo is an attraction in itself thanks to its architecture, but its walls hide the Finnish Maritime Museum, Kymenlaakso Museum and many various exhibitions that delight friends of culture and history. There is plenty to see and experience for children and adults alike, and you can also have a meal at Vellamo during your museum day, at Restaurant Laakonki. Buying tickets for Vellamo is easy: you can purchase them directly from the hotel reception during your stay at the hotel. Maritime Centre Vellamo is located in Kantasatama, Kotka, only about one kilometre away from our hotel.


If you are interested in Finnish underwater fauna, you should head to Maretarium. The natural-state aquarium features over 60 different species of fish and small animals. In summer, you can watch a diver feeding the Baltic Sea fish every day at 3 pm. Located in the Sapokka area of Kotka, Maretarium aquarium also has a souvenir shop and a café. Our reception also sells tickets to Maretarium for our hotel guests all year round.


Shopping centre Pasaati is visible from some of our hotel rooms, so it is within easy reach. Pasaati has about 80 different fashion and beauty stores and boutiques. While you shop, you can take a break at the shopping centre's cafés or restaurants or even visit the marketplace in front of the shopping centre and taste a traditional delicacy of Kotka, ‘posso', a sweet doughnut-type treat filled with apple jam.