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Garage with 80 parking spaces, 15 €/day.


Parking garage: 80 spaces. Parking fee 15 €/day.

Drive into the garage from the Kaivokatu side (Kaivokatu 16), past the hotel reception.

The garage has two levels. You can access the hotel via the garage's inbound ramp or by using the elevator from the lowest parking level to the hotel reception. Pay the parking fee at the hotel reception to receive the exit ticket.

Two parking spaces are reserved for disabled parking on the lower level of the parking garage. There is barrier-free access to the hotel reception from the lower level (stair lift / lift).

A parking space cannot be reserved in advance. If you use your car during your stay and the car park is full when you return, our reception will refund any possible parking fees you have already paid. At this time, it is not possible to reserve a parking space while your vehicle is not parked in it.

The garage height is 2,5 m.

Charging an electric car

The charging points ((plug type 2, maximum power 22 kW) are on the back wall of the upper garage level. The charging points are subject to a fee and their use is paid directly to the device. You can either pay with an RFID tag or Virta mobile application. Normal garage parking fees apply to the charging points.

For further information about the charging points, please visit here.