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Martime Centre Vellamo

Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka

The Centre includes the Maritime Museum of Finland, the Museum of Kymenlaakso and Information Centre Vellamo.


The splendid building of Maritime Centre Vellamo is located by the sea and houses several exhibitions about life at sea and local stories, an Information Centre that is open for everyone, various meeting and event spaces, a restaurant and a museum shop. Most importantly, Vellamo offers information and fun activities for everyone!

The facade of Maritime Centre Vellamo, which resembles a massive wave, consists of sheet metal cassettes, silk-screened glass panels and aluminium grids. The sheet metal cassettes reflect the blue, green and grey shades of the sea. The glass panels feature pictures of the crew of the steel barque Favell (1912) and the masts of the merchant fleet of Lavansaari Island (1914). As darkness falls, lights are lit behind the glass panels.

The roof stage commands an expansive view of the city and sea. At a single glance, you can see the factories with their impressive chimneys, the high-voltage lines, the light masts and the ships, trains and trucks transporting goods to and from the ports. The roof structure resembling a breaking crest of a wave provides a sheltered space for concert-goers and picnickers, as well as people simply wishing to enjoy the scenery.

The Centre includes the Maritime Museum of Finland, the Museum of Kymenlaakso and Information Centre Vellamo. A range of temporary exhibitions. Free entrance for children.


Maritime Centre Vellamo is closed on Mondays. Opening hours.

In summer we are open also Mondays during 3th June–11th August 2024.


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