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Things to do and see in Kajaani

Things to do and see in Kajaani


S/S Kouta, the northernmost lake steam ship in Finland cruises in beautiful Oulujärvi. In summer, S/S Kouta takes you through landscapes that inspired Eino Leino and Elias Lönnrot on Kajaaninjoki towards Paltaniemi and to beautiful Ärjänsaari, famous for its long light-sand beaches. S/S Kouta cruises start from Kalkkisilta, a few minutes' walk away from the hotel.


We recommend guided tours to the colourful culture and history of Kajaani. Kajaani city guides take you on a journey to the ruins of the Kajaani Castle built in the 17th century and destroyed in the 18th century, and to the world's only operational tar canal next to the ruins.


Kajaani City Theatre is one of the most interesting theatres in Finland. It offers artistically ambitious and thought-provoking performances. Non-professional theatres also produce diverse shows in the summer!


Kajaani Poetry Week founded by Veikko Sinisalo is the oldest poetry festival in Finland. Kajaani Poetry Week is held every year in the spirit of Eino Leino. Originally, it was called Sana ja Sävel (Word and Tune). The festival has been held since 1976 around the day of poetry and summer (6 July). Finland Festivals selected Kajaani Poetry Week the festival of the year 2007.


Kajaani is home to the Kainuu Museum and the Kajaani Art Museum. The Kainuu Museum is the regional museum of Kainuu. Its basic exhibition demonstrates the history and culture of Kainuu from prehistoric times to the mid-1900s. Changing exhibitions are held upstairs and in the smaller gallery downstairs. Every year, the Kajaani Art Museum features a high-quality setting of nationally and internationally interesting modern art. Both museums have a free admission. Kajaani is also home to the Gun and War Museum. It is a privately funded exhibition of guns, uniforms and other war material starting from the early days of the Finnish Defence Forces.The Gun and War Museum is a tribute to Finland's war veterans.