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Responsibility in Original Sokos Hotel Valjus


Our hotel is committed to taking into account the wellbeing of the environment.

Green Key -symbol

Our hotel is committed to taking into account the wellbeing of the environment. As a prove of this Original Sokos Hotel Valjus in Kajaani has received Green Key symbol. We are committed to taking environmental wellbeing into account in our hotel operations. As an indication of this, Original Sokos Hotel Valjus has been awarded the Green Key label. Green Key is an international ecolabel, find more information here.

STF - label

Original Sokos Hotel Valjus has been certified with the Sustainable Travel Finland label at the end of May as recognition of its valuable and long-term work for sustainable travel. The "Sustainable Travel Finland" programme developed by Visit Finland helps Finnish tourism companies adopt sustainable and responsible practices. Companies that complete the STF programme and fulfil their criteria are certified with the Sustainable Travel Finland label, and their operations are monitored and reviewed regularly. The STF label helps consumers identify responsible tourism companies.

The operations of Osuuskauppa Maakunta Cooperative Society and its locations such as Original Sokos Hotel Valjus support the vitality of their local areas, promote cooperation between local companies and ensure the continuity of services in both growth centres and more sparsely populated areas. As part of the "Sustainable Travel Finland" programme, Original Sokos Hotel Valjus personnel have examined their practical operations through environmental, economic, sociocultural and ethical responsibility. The hotel has also examined its operations from the perspective of visitor experience development, the operational impact on the sustainability of the infrastructure used, the adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, and considering the local community as part of business operations.

What does that mean for us?


Our hotel takes care of the appropriate sorting of waste in accordance with the Waste Act and municipal waste management regulations. We have clear sorting instructions for our customers and staff. We have waste sorting points for clients at the lift lobbies, allowing you to recycle your waste. The rooms also allow the sorting of various types of waste. The hotel's procurements avoid the use of plastic and favour the use of recycled materials.

Energy savings

Most of our hotel's lights are energy-efficient lightbulbs or LEDs. Our rooms' air conditioning automatically enter energy-saving mode when the room is not occupied. We measure our energy consumption regularly and continuously seek to make it more efficient.

Water savings

Our rooms are fitted with showers that have Green-Key-compliant water consumption volumes. We monitor our water consumption regularly.

Food products

Our hotel offers locally sourced food at our restaurants, breakfast, reception shop selection, and minibar products. Additionally, our restaurant menus have several vegetarian options. We also seek to use seasonal vegetables at all our locations. We reduce the food waste through cooperation with ResQ.

Environmental activities

We want to encourage our customers to choose environmentally friendly transport options! At our hotel, you can borrow our bicycles for the duration of your stay, and our reception can provide you with a bicycle road map and information about local nature destinations.

5 simple ways to preserve the nature:

Save energy by switching off any extra lights and devices. While in Kajaani, switch off any extra lights and enjoy the 24 hours of daylight during the summer, and the magically short days and darkness in winter.

Enjoy our clean and fresh water – straight from the tap! The tap water in Finland is clean and fresh – ready for drinking.

Favour local products and services. You will get the smartest holiday food from local producers. The hunger for culture can also be satisfied with the local supply. In our restaurants you will find quality ingredients from local producers.

Take a ride on a bike! We have bicycles and helmets to lend in the hotel.