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Parking for hotel guests 16 €/day

We recommend parking at P-Paviljonki 2 car park which is located on Uno Savolan katu 6. Direct access to the hotel is available from park level -1. There are handicap parking spaces on park level -1.

There is also alternative P-Paviljonki 1 car park, located on Satamakatu 3. Direct access to the hotel is not available but the park is only a short walk away. Parking payment can be made straight at the hotel reception or to the parking meter.

In both the P1 and P2 car parks, you can also make the payment by using convenient Moovy application. The bars will open automatically to application owners on entry and exit based on your car's registration number and will be charged directly from the payment card registered on the application.

Nearest possibility to charge electric cars is located in Paviljonki P2. The charging point is located at street level. You can find more possibilities in the charging map of the city.

The height limitations for the cars are 215 cm in P-Paviljonki 2 and 210 cm in P-Paviljonki 1 car park. In case your car exceeds the limitations you can find parking lot area nearby the harbor, located on Satamakatu 8. When parking to this area, please note that the payment can only be mafe straight tot the parking meters according to their own rates.