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Things to do in Joensuu

Joensuu is the regional center of North Karelia, offering plenty to experience and see both in the vicinity of the downtown area and outside the city.

Taitokortteli Arts & Crafts:

The old yellow wooden house located in the city center is a block dedicated to tourism, handicrafts, and culture. You'll find a cozy café, small shops, and the skilled services of the Craft Center.


When you feel like quickly warming up, stop by the Joensuu Botanical Garden to refresh among tropical plants and colorful butterflies. In the winter, a fabulous winter garden is also built in Botania's backyard.


The art center located right in the center of Joensuu hosts diverse exhibition activities throughout the year, presenting both national and international art.


A wooden city built for the little ones with squares and harbors is undoubtedly Joensuu's number one destination if you ask the kids. The indoor street is located right in the center of Joensuu, adjacent to the North Karelia Museum.

These were just four examples; you can find more here.