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Our hotel has Bistro Heili, BistroBar in our hotel lobby and a nightclub Las Palmas.

Ask anyone where Heili is from. You'll always get the same answer - from Karelia, of course.

And once your path has taken you to North Karelia you'll always want to come here again, because there is always room for travelers in addition to the locals at the Karelian table.

Bistro Heili proudly continues this tradition in Joensuu, along the shimmering Pielisjoki.

Allow yourself to be taken by Heili. Find a strange feeling in your chest, experience the sensitive tastes with your tongue and keep them in your heart.

Welcome to experience the modern Karelian hospitality and a masterful atmosphere in Bistro Heili - where else?

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BistroBar serves its guests in the lobby of the Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel. Relaxing refreshments and snacks are available.

Hot nights, happy people and cold drinks! The nights of Las Palmas are known for that. Las Palmas, a nightclub favorite previously located in the center of Joensuu, moved to the renovated Hotel Kimmel in September 2021.

Now let the music take you all the way to the late hours of the night! Las Palmas celebrates with the number one artists in Finland every Friday and Saturday!

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