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Benefits and Offers

Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel's Benefits and Offers

Discover the latest offers and benefits at Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel and make your visit more budget-friendly! Whether you're looking for the best daily rates or offers for an extended stay, you'll find a suitable deal below.

Combine a City Getaway with a Relaxing Spa Experience starting from 82.50 € per person for 2 people in a Superior room.
Sometimes, it's essential to escape from the daily routine and savor life's little pleasures. Kimmel Spa, perfect for those moments, is combined with our beautiful Superior rooms to create a weekend spa getaway on the banks of Pielisjoki River. Learn more here.

Chill & Party at Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel starting from 72 € per person per night for 2 people.
We have collaborated with Palmas to create the "Chill & Party" accommodation package, which includes accommodation with breakfast and access to nightclub Las Palmas, where you'll be entertained by some of Finland's top artists. Learn more here.

Relaxing Morning with a Combination of Hotel Breakfast and Spa Visit for 25 € per person.
At Kimmel, we indulge in a hearty buffet breakfast and then unwind in the spa! What could be better than starting your day with a generous breakfast buffet and then relaxing in the warmth of a sauna or the bubbles of a whirlpool? Learn more here.

The highlight of Sunday, brunch and spa for 37 €/person.
The Spa & Brunch package takes you to the delightful brunch tables and allows you to relax in the spa's bubbles. Learn more here.

Kimmel Spa and Bistro Heili Burger & Spa package 35 €/person
For you who love both burgers and relaxation at the spa, your wishes have now been fulfilled! Check out the offer here.