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Things to do


Things to do

In Iisalmi you can exercise both the body and mind – we have theatre in summer and winter, a rich history, beautiful buildings, and wonderful landscapes.

Do you have an itch to visit museums?

How did people live in a rustic household in the 1800s? An answer to this and many other questions can be found at the Local History Museum of Upper Savo. The traditional local museum is open in the summer from 15 May to 15 August. It is a short walk from the hotel.

A favourite choice in our selection of museums among children especially is the Natural History Museum at the Iisalmi Culture Centre. It helps in finding, understanding and cherishing biodiversity.

The Juhani Aho Museum, which is open during the summer, combines the writer museum, parsonage milieu and military historical environment in a unique whole. A history path starts from the museum's yard, which takes the visitor back in time to an authentic Finnish War (1808–1809) environment.

What kind of journey does beer go through between malts and a pint? The unique Brewery Museum, founded by the OLVI foundation, showcases the stages of beer brewing, as well as beer-related objects more than a century old. The Brewery Museum is at the Olvi-Oluthalli Restaurant, next to the Olvi Brewery.

Shall we go to the theatre?

For those hungry for theatrical entertainment, several options are available.

Iisalmi Theatre produces a new play every year, always directed by an invited professional director. The stage is in the Iisalmi Culture Centre and the Iisalmi Community Hall in alternating years.

IN-Teatteri, founded in 1979, is an amateur theatre group of theatre enthusiasts of different ages. The Iisalmi Culture Centre offers the stage for their plays.

In July and August, the Koljonvirta theatre offers entertainment in the form of annually changing plays in the Mansikkaniemi area in Iisalmi. Both the auditorium and the stage are covered, and there is room for about 500 people.

The Town Square and Market Square

Iisalmi's town life is brisk, especially in the summer and when events are on. The Market Hall has a number of local companies selling their wares. In the market you'll meet genuine, broad-accented Iisalmi locals, who like nothing more than a good chat.

The harbour area

Iisalmi harbour is the northernmost part of Lake Saimaa, and has long been a popular terminal harbour for ships. Nowadays, the area is the ideal service hub for boaters. The harbour is also home to Kuappi ("wardrobe" or "cupboard" in the Savonian dialect), which, true to its name, is the world's smallest restaurant. You'll also enjoy the cafes along the shoreline in the town.

Our charming town also offers many other attractions and activities – our reception staff will be happy to give you more tips!