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With kids

Many fun activities for children in Hämeenlinna

Did you know that there are more than 100 playgrounds in Hämeenlinna?

Activities for families with children

In addition to the many playgrounds, the Kauriala Traffic Park and the Open Cultural Centre ARX and its galleries offer fun, free activities for families with children in Hämeenlinna. In the Traffic Park, children can learn traffic rules in a miniature world, and ARX has exhibitions and workshops for visitors of all ages. In addition to ARX, the indoor playground Hugo and the entertainment centre Hämptön with its laser games will keep visitors entertained even on a rainy day.

In summer, sheep can be seen all over Hämeenlinna, working hard on their landscaping duties, and there are also many kinds of animals to admire in the Kissankulma Farm Animal Yard. Hämeenlinna offers a wide range of swimming opportunities, ranging from outdoor swimming pools to swimming halls and a spa. Local climbing parks and a water sports centre offer things to do for the thrill-seekers, too. Check out other tips here.

Our hotel has games that can be borrowed to be played in your room, and visitors of all ages will enjoy exploring the Smart Grow indoor garden and its fish in the hotel’s entrance hall.

As an additional service, it is possible to order a surprise gift for your room from Onni Orava to delight the younger visitors. The youngest guests have also been taken into account in the hotel's restaurant Le Blason, which has its own menu for children.

For more tips, check out Sightseeing and activities.

Visiting Hotel Vaakuna with children

Hotel Vaakuna offers easy and comfortable accommodation for families with children. Having an extra bed of their own can be the highlight of a trip for the young ones of a family. You can also book a children's extra room for slightly older children. The family’s teens often enjoy this option.

You can easily book an extra bed when booking your room. An extra bed for children costs €10–€25 per night per child, depending on the hotel. There are a limited number of extra beds available.

How to book online:

When you are booking a room, simply enter the correct number of guests, and the system will search for a room that matches your specifications, as well as calculates the total price, including the extra beds. Please note that a child under the age of three can sleep next to an adult free of charge!

Additional room for older children:

An extra room for children makes a family’s hotel stay easier, especially if the children are older. One additional children's room (1–2 children between the ages of 3 and 15) per normal adult room. The benefit cannot be combined with other promotional prices.

The price includes accommodation in a standard room for two children (3–15-years-old), breakfast and access to guest sauna, depending on the hotel. Extra beds and other room types are available for an additional fee.

You can get bonus on the price with your S-Etukortti card. A limited number of additional children’s rooms are available.


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