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Meetings and events


At Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna you will have the greatest parties and most successful meetings

With us, you can hold great celebrations from dinners for two to events for more than 300 people. The different facilities in our hotel offer venues for successful family celebrations, anniversaries, corporate parties, meetings, staff events and Christmas parties alike..

Focus on holistic well-being

The lobbies of our meeting rooms are decorated with lush plants, and the greenery also continues in some of our meeting rooms

But what do plants and greenery have to do with our meeting rooms? Green surroundings meet our need to be outdoors. These days, we want to feel a connection to nature. Green plants have been found to purify air, and better air quality has been proven to directly affect our energy levels and brain functions. So having some greenery around is an essential part of effective meetings. Our chef has designed balanced, mentally and physically nutritious dishes. When our bodies feel well, ideas fly, leading to effective meetings.

Different spaces for different meeting needs

Our hotel has eight fully functional, diverse and airy meeting rooms for groups of up to 120 people. All our meeting rooms are equipped with modern technology. Our location guarantees excellent transport connections, beautiful jogging and walking routes on the shores of Lake Vanajavesi and the city centre's cultural offerings. We also offer accommodation, all under the same roof. Learn more about our meeting facilities here.

Happy celebrations

At Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Hämeenlinna, you will have the most spectacular celebrations. Our expert party services will help you with all the details of your celebration.

The success is built on our professional and service-oriented personnel who put their whole heart in their work. We want to organise happy celebrations! Restaurant Le Blason is also a perfect venue for organising various private events, even for larger groups. It can accommodate up to 150 people at a time. You can learn more about Restaurant Le Blason here.

Book reservations for restaurant visits and events for more than eight people from our sales service on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm, tel. +358 20 1234 654 (0,0835 € per cal + 0,1209 € per minute) or sales.hameenmaa@sok.fi. At other times, please address inquiries to the hotel’s reception, tel. +358 20 1234 636 or vaakuna.hameenlinna@sokoshotels.fi