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Our hotel is in the middle of Finland's first national urban park and has a beautiful lakeside route that offers you great opportunities for both outdoor activities and exploration.

Our hotel is located on Possentie, named after Knut Posse, the commander known for the historical Viborg Bang event. In the 15th century, he was the master of a medieval castle on opposite shore, a walking distance away.

The unique cultural hub Verkatehdas is also just around the corner, offering attractions such as theatres, art museums and concert halls.

The city of Hämeenlinna was founded as early on as in 1639, and in 1777 King Gustav III of Sweden moved the city from the side of the castle to its current location. Traces of history can be seen around the cobbled market square of the city centre, where you can find both the birthplace of composer Jean Sibelius and the old governor's office building, where the Russian Emperor Alexander II signed the decree on the official status of the Finnish language in 1863.

However, Hämeenlinna is not just clinging to its glorious past, but is also at the forefront of development in many ways.

We want to combine the best parts of tradition and the present, be original and offer you both a warm and experience-rich visit to the shores of Lake Vanajavesi.