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The joy of movement in Hämeenlinna

The Vanajavesi waterfront route, one of the most popular recreational outdoor areas in Hämeenlinna, starts in the front of the hotel and travels through the city centre of Hämeenlinna, local park areas and the railway bridge to Aulanko, to the shore of Sairio, and all the way to the Verkatehdas beach through Varikonniemi peninsula. Along the way, you can admire sights such as the Häme Castle and the outdoor exhibition area of the Museo Militaria. The total length of the route is 5.7 km and it is mostly accessible.

Our hotel offers recreational equipment such as Nordic walking poles and bicycles. In the winter, good cross-country skiing routes in Ahvenisto and Aulanko invite people to enjoy themselves, and even the youngest of the family can enjoy the winter time outdoors with sleds that can be borrowed from the hotel.

Another favourite destination in Hämeenlinna is the Aulanko area. It offers unique nature experiences as well as diverse activities for leisure. The Aulanko area is visited by more than 400,000 people every year.

The city district of Ahvenisto is the destination for a wide range of sports and leisure activities. The area features, for example, a shooting range, a beach and an outdoor swimming pool known for the 1952 Olympics. The several local walking and jogging trails, skiing routes in winter, and the public winter swimming spot and sauna maintained by the city also offer exercise opportunities. The adjacent Pullerinmäki district is home to the well-known Ahvenisto Race Circuit, the Rinkelinmäki Ice Rink and ski jumping hills that are no longer used for their original purpose.