Vaakuna over the decades



  • The hotel facilities were opened after 13 years of construction.
  • The opening ceremony took place on 10 June 1952, right before the Olympic Games in Helsinki. The Olympic guests were accommodated in the new hotel.
  • In 1957, the entire top floor was joined with Restaurant Vaakuna, opened ten years earlier.



  • In 1968, a lobby bar was opened on the second floor and a terrace bar on the 10th floor.
  • The first extension of the hotel took place in 1969. At that time, new hotel rooms were built on the 6th floor.



  • The Pika-Pala restaurant changed to the Vaakunan Grilli restaurant in 1971.
  • A balcony skiing event, which also received international attention, was arranged at the top-floor terrace before the Winter Olympics in Sapporo.



  • The extension of the hotel and the 5th floor were completed in 1980.
  • In 1981, the hotel rooms were renovated.
  • The Sky Bar nightclub was opened in 1983 in the place of the terrace bar.
  • In 1986, the hotel's 6th floor was transformed into the Business Class floor, complete with its own reception.
  • The hotel lobby was restored in 1988.



  • The hotel was repaired and renovated.
  • Memphis was opened in the place of Piccadilly in 1993, and Memphis Coffee House started business in 1997.
  • Renovations were completed on the top floor in January 1996, and it was opened under the name 10th Floor.



  • Renovation of the hotel, started in 2001, was carried out with respect for its heritage, as the building is protected by Finland's National Board of Antiquities.
  • 10th Floor restaurant became known as restaurant Loiste.
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