Restaurant Torni

Restaurant Torni is a classic that keeps up with the times, a world of flavours in the heart of the city. The personal setting, decorated in a functional style, is the perfect place for experiencing delicious dishes by our chef.

Mon – Fri    11.30–14.30 and 17.00–22.00   (kitchen closing 21.00)         
Sat               12.00–15.30 and 17.00–22.00  (kitchen closing 21.00) 
Sun              closed


American Bar

The American Bar – the king of cocktail bars. The American Bar, called the university for bartenders, is known for its art, which most bars refer to as "drinks".

Mon – Tue      closed 
Wed – Thu     17.00–24.00      
Fri – Sat          16.00–02.00          
Sun                  closed


Ateljee Bar

At the Ateljee Bar, the view is a part of the pleasure. This classic, located above other bars on the 14th floor of Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, is the most unique choice for the first glass of the evening.

Mon – Thu     14.00–01.00
Fri                    14.00–02.00  
Sat                   12.00–02.00                                                                                 
Sun                  14.00–24.00           


Pub O'Malley's

In Ireland, "craic" refers to having fun, usually with a pint of beer and music that suits the occasion. O'Malley's is all about craic: excellent beer and a great time.

Mon – Tue     17.00–24.00         
Wed – Thu    16.00–24.00         
Fri                   16.00–02.00      
Sat                  14.00–02.00                                                       
Sun                closed   

Kitchen opening hours:      
Mon – Fri      17.00–21.00  
Sat                 14.00–21.00         

Call us 0201234800 prices 0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min
Yrjönkatu 26 00100, Helsinki
Yrjönkatu 26
00100, Helsinki