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Original Sokos Hotel Albert

Original Sokos Hotel Albert - individual like you.

Original Sokos Hotel Albert is a relaxed and true-to-life hotel, which radiates with the personal charm of the surrounding Punavuori district and its city blocks. Easy-going and warm approach are the secrets of the Albert's attractiveness.

Albert is the choice of an individual traveller. For business travellers, Albert offers an intimate and personable alternative to the traditional business hotels. For leisure travellers, Albert is a homely alternative welcoming visitors with open arms.

Albert is strongly in tune with the times without being a fashion victim. The best cafés and the most unique bars in the city are located near the Albert allowing you to experience the local rhythm of life first hand. The hotel staff knows how to recognise the needs of the guests and suggest activities outside guidebooks.

Nothing beats home but the warm atmosphere of the Original Sokos Hotel Albert is close. Albert's unique personality attracts well-known and unknown travellers over and over again.


Albertinkatu 30 00120, Helsinki
Albertinkatu 30
00120, Helsinki
+358 20 1234 638 prices 0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min
+358 20 1234 639