The Tripla car park is located at Tornikuja in Pasila, Helsinki. You can see the location and search for routes with the map » 
EUR 25 / day (EUR 20 / day with an S-Card)
The Tripla car park does not use tickets for parking. Instead, parking is automatically triggered by scanning your number plate. Let the hotel receptionist know your car is parked at Tripla as soon as you arrive.
Paying for parking
Please pay for parking at the reception. No bonus is granted for parking.
If you exceed your benefit's time limit, the remaining charge can be paid at the car park's pay point. The customer service point is located on level G and is open Mon–Sat from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
If you use Moovy, the application is activated when you drive into the car park, but when you drive out, there will be no charge and your timer will be reset. Just let the receptionist know that you would like to pay your parking fee at the hotel.
Benefits cannot be granted after your parking time has already ended.

Additional information
More information on parking at Mall of Tripla and non-daily rates:
You can drive into the car park from Firdonkatu 2 as well, but the entrance on Tornikuja has a more direct route to the parking spaces recommended to hotel customers.
The maximum height for a vehicle entering the car park is 230 cm.
We recommend parking on level P3 of the Tripla car park.
Level L3 has plenty of parking space. There is a yellow lift lobby at the centre of the car park that leads to the hotel through Mall of Tripla. The most convenient, direct entrance to the hotel is through the lift that is painted a similar red to the Sokos Hotel colours.

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel lift, there are parking spaces reserved for the disabled, marked with blue lights, as well as electric car recharging points.

Level P3 also houses a full-service car wash where you can also have your car serviced and inspected. 

The Tripla car park has a total of 2110 parking spaces, of which 272 are recharging points for electric cars. There are also parking spaces for motorcycles.

Electric car recharging points
The Tripla car park has almost 300 parking spaces equipped for recharging electric cars. These parking spaces can be found on levels P2 to P4. The charging power of the public recharging points is 22 kW.  The recharging service is charged by use, EUR 0.23/kWh. The regular parking fee is charged in addition to your electricity consumption. Recharging uses the eParking application, instructions can be found on charging points.
Call us 0300 870 000 prices 0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min
Fredikanterassi 1 B 00520, Helsinki
Fredikanterassi 1 B
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