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We follow the Green Key sustainability program and are therefore a responsible choice.

We care for nature, and for you. All Sokos Hotels are Green Key certified. We meet Green Key's stringent environmental requirements and care for the environment. By choosing a Green Key certified hotel, you contribute to more responsible and sustainable travel

As a Green Key hotel, we care for the environment without compromising the comfort of our guests.

We serve organic and local food

Environmental friendliness is reflected in our selection of locally produced, organic and seasonal plant-based food, which we strive to serve in all our hotels. We want to make environmentally friendly choices easy for you – also at mealtimes – while serving you great culinary treats.

We choose eco-friendly products

We use eco-labeled detergents and work methods in which we use water and chemicals to ensure cleanliness, while caring for the environment. We want choosing environmentally friendly accommodation to be simple, and to make your stay comfortable.

We operate in an energy-saving way

We save energy by using LED lights, energy saving light bulbs, motion detectors and timing devices. The electrical energy we use is emission-free and largely renewable. We make saving energy easy also for you.

We sort and recycle

We sort waste efficiently and direct suitable waste types for reuse and recycling. This is how we save nature. We also offer our hotel guests an easy way to recycle and take care of nature.

We save water

We want to make environmentally friendly choices easy also for you. By leaving your towel on the bathroom towel rail, you indicated that you will use it for another day. This is how we help nature together.

We favour ecological mobility

Buses, trains, metros and bicycles are ecological ways to get around. We want to make it easy for you to choose these environmentally friendly means of transport. In many of our hotels, we enable electric car charging and lend out bicycles for shorter trips. Ask our reception for assistance, we will be happy to help.

Read more: greenkey.fi/en