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Happy Independence Day Finland and the happiest nation in the world

At Sokos Hotels we are proud of our Finnishness and the Finnish people. It is a matter of honour to care for our guests and the environment and to support Finnish companies and small producers whenever possible. We have a Finnish heart beating in us.

What does Finnishness mean to Finns? We asked, you answered.

Security, peace and personal space are at the core of Finnishness. "The feeling of being safe. There's no need to be afraid of anything." "A sense of space. A moment on the pier of the summer cottage. The opportunity to walk into the forest straight from your backyard." "I appreciate the silence and peace; I wouldn't trade them for anything."

Based on the answers, the Finnish soul rests in nature. The midnight sun and early morning mist make us feel like this is where we belong. The lakes and the sea, plains, forests and fells are dear to Finns. "Gorgeous four-season nature! Long bright summer nights and fairytale snow on the trees in winter." Cleanliness both what comes to nature and food is also very Finnish for many. "Clean water, beautiful forests and everyman's rights make me happy when travelling through Finland." "Finnish happiness is a sum of clean nature and air, security, freedom." "For me, being Finnish means pure ingredients and good, versatile food prepared from these."

And what about the Finnish people? "Friendly, reliable, always on time." "Hospitable and great sauna heaters." "A modest, honest and hardworking people." "A wonderful and special country and people. Everyone is welcomed here."

Finnishness stands for equality, tolerance and perseverance. It is privilege and opportunity, high-quality education and a functioning health service. "Our country is one of the best in the world when it comes to education and health care." "The opportunity to educate yourself." For many, Finnishness also means the Finnish language. Finland is the home of the heart.

We will continue to create happiness for the Finnish people in our hotels – not only during the festive season, but every day of the year. Let's create moments of happiness together for the happiest people in the world.

Happy Independence Day!

From Finnish Sokos Hotels