Transportation: airport

The distance from the airport to our hotel is approximately 25 kilometres. In addition to using your own car, you can get here by choosing any of the following options.


1)      Train + metro


P and I trains depart from the airport railway station. Select either one: both will take you to the Helsinki central railway station. You can buy your ticket from a ticket vending machine at the airport or with the HSL mobile app. Select a ticket that covers zones A, B and C as the ticket type. The ticket is valid for 80 minutes and during this time you can use it in metro, bus or commuter trains. The trip from the airport to Helsinki takes approximately 32 minutes.


From the Helsinki Central station there is a direct entry to the metro. Choose the metro line Matinkylä or Tapiola. The correct stop to get out of the metro is called Tapiola. The metro ride takes about 15 minutes. When geting out of the metro head to the direction of the white EMMA statue (signs for Länsituuli, pears 1-7) and take the escalators all the way up. When you get out of the shopping center turn right. Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden is visible right after the shopping center AINOA.


2)      Airport Taxi


Airport taxis carry passengers to different destinations. You can recognise them from their black and yellow colour and the text Airport Taxi on their side. The service point is located in terminal 2A, next to the currency exchange. More information about Airport Taxi services and prices is available at


3)      Regular taxi


The airport taxi station is located right next to the exit. A taxi ride to our hotel takes 25–40 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs €45–50.

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