We at Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden do our best to take all customer groups into account. As an indication of this, we have received the Esteetön Espoo (Accessible Espoo) recognition. Our hotel has six accessible rooms, all of which are equipped with armrests on both sides of the toilet, a shower chair and a hand support in the shower. These are combined rooms, which means that another standard room is connected to each accessible room.


Espoo is a competitive and vital city, where every day is enjoyable. Espoo will become accessible, so that all services of Espoo-based companies are available and accessible to everyone.


For more information about our rooms and their equipment levels, please call our sales service (+358 20 1234 600) or our reception desk (+358 20 1234 616). Call prices are 8.35 cents per call + 16.69 cents per minute (VAT 24%).

Call us 0300 870 000 prices 0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min
Tapionaukio 3 02100, Espoo
Tapionaukio 3
02100, Espoo