Restaurants nearby


The Kitchen at Heymo 1 is a common dining area

At Heymo 1, our Fixers recommend restaurants located nearby and why not a bit further away. We are more than happy to help you book a table and look at route options for your meal. Small bites and drinks are available for our guests 24/7 at our smart vendor machines. You only pay for what you want to eat.

The closest restaurant to the Swing building is Well 7 which offers delicious café products and lunch hand-made from responsibly and carefully selected ingredients.

Restaurants nearby

Scenic restaurant Lucy in the Sky  is located in Accountor Tower in Keilaniemi. Soaring towards the sky at 80 metres, the restaurant provides, in addition to fantastic scenery, modern bistro cuisine.

Bistro Ranta is located in a peaceful scenic setting in Otaranta, by the sea. Bistro Ranta serves food with a masterful touch, and they also provide a hearty Super Breakfast.

Grill it! Tapiola Garden is located a few metro stops away in Tapiola. The heart of the restaurant is a wood-burning coal grill that skilfully brings out aromas for you to enjoy.

Fazer Café Keilaniemi offers charming café products and breakfast in the heart of Keilaniemi. Coffee lovers can also enjoy a range of sweet and savoury treats. 

Dylan & Friends is a new restaurant in Espoo's Keilaniemi, on the second floor of Accountor Tower. Large windows give a great view of the sea, and the large patio is open in the summer. In the morning, Dylan & Friends serves a porridge breakfast and during the day, a healthy buffet-style lunch.

Restaurant Sri in Keilaniementori serves true Indian and Nepalese flavours for lunch and dinner. 


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