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Happiness belongs to everyone

Sokos Hotels turns 50 this year. Sokos Hotels is, on the International Day of Happiness on March 20th, in honor of its anniversary and as part of a year-long partnership with Save the Children, donating 50 hotel holidays to low-income families across Finland.


The International Day of Happiness, introduced by the UN, has been celebrated since 2013 and in Sokos Hotels since 2018. The ultimate purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the importance of happiness and well-being in our goal-oriented modern society. In these times of uncertainty and crisis there is an even greater need for happiness and joy, and Sokos Hotels wants to celebrate the International Day of Happiness even more extensively. Throughout the year, the partnership with Save the Children combines two values that are important to Sokos Hotels: happiness and sustainability.

"Save the Children provides children a brighter future, and we want to assist with that task. The mere idea of making families happier within the scope of our activities also adds meaning to our work,” says Jaana Matikainen, Vice President Development & Concepts at SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management.

“We would like to extend our warmest thanks for your meaningful cooperation! We appreciate that we, together with Sokos Hotels, can highlight the importance of happiness and distribute it to those in need, throughout the jubilee year, ”says Johanna Mäkelä, Head of Corporate Fundraising at Save the Children Finland.

Sokos Hotels' mission is to make their guests happy every day of the year, and every customer is met with warmth and perceptiveness of their needs. The goal is to provide guests with more than they ask for, and to exceed their expectations time and time again. Even when they least expect it.

We wish the happiest people in the world a wonderful International Day of Happiness!