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Remote work at Sokos Hotels


Versatile Coworking spaces for remote work

Sokos Hotels lobbies are brilliantly suited for remote work. You can work in our lobbies even if you are not a hotel resident. The workstations are located in central urban locations, coffee is nearby and the internet functions well. The environment is also cozy.

You can use the lobbies of Sokos Hotels to take care of business matters, networking or even small group work sessions, even if you are not a hotel resident. All hotel lobbies have coffee and refreshments for sale, free wlan connection and electrical outlets. We are constantly adapting the interior of our lobbies to better serve the needs of coworking customers, with, for example, different desk options. There is also room for small meetings.

"The way we work has changed in recent years and the share of remote work increased dramatically. We no longer sit in an office, but have become very mobile,” Jussi Haataja, Concept Manager at Sokos Hotels points out. "Our hotels have excellent locations in city centers, so they are easy to visit all across Finland."

Coworking lobbies can be found at the following hotels, among others:

  • Helsinki; Original Sokos Hotel Albert, Presidentti and Tripla
  • Hämeenlinna; Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
  • Joensuu; Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel
  • Kajaani; Original Sokos Hotel Valjus
  • Kotka; Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone
  • Kouvola; Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
  • Kuopio; Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi
  • Lappeenranta; Original Sokos Hotel Lappee
  • Mikkeli; Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
  • Rovaniemi; Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
  • Salo; Original Sokos Hotel Rikala
  • Savonlinna; Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone
  • Seinäjoki; Original Sokos Hotel Lakeus and Vaakuna
  • Tampere; Original Sokos Hotel Ilves and Villa
  • Turku; Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa and Wiklund
  • Vaasa; Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa and Vaakuna

Welcome to work in our premises.