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Enjoying spas and swimming at Sokos Hotels

Take a refreshing spa holiday at Sokos Ho¬tels. When was the last time you had a clay bath, ended a meeting with a pampering treatment, or tried a fast waterslide? The spa hotels of Sokos Hotels invite you and your friends or family to have a relaxing holiday in a warm spa.

Your spa holiday awaits at the following Break by Sokos Hotels

Koli Relax Spa

Enjoy Koli Relax Spa on your own or with your spouse, friends or co-workers. Spend time together – in the sauna, hot tub or the outdoor pool under the starlit night sky. The view opening up towards Lake Pielinen is breathtaking. Take care of your well-being according to your wishes. Create your own sauna path, while enjoying various pools and saunas that come your way, or opt for a complete spa experience. In the evenings, our spa focuses on the relaxation and well-being of adults. After 4pm, the spa's age limit is 18 years. Break Sokos Hotel Koli, Koli

Spa Bomba in Nurmes

Located on the shores of breathtakingly beautiful Lake Pielinen, luxurious Spa Bomba is an oasis where you can wind down, relax and enjoy nature. The spa exudes Karelian mysticism with its saunas Kyly, Sampo and Taivaankansi, experiences showers and many details. The magnificently lit, stylish pool area is equipped with hot and cold pools as well as jacuzzis with views of Lake Pielinen and the fell landscape. Experience unforgettable moments in the heated outdoor jacuzzis amidst north Karelian nature! The large heated main pool (32°C) features massage showers, foot massage areas, jacuzzi seats and body massage areas. The pool area also has a cold pool (6°C), a hot pool (40°C), a children's pool (35°C), a jacuzzi (35°C) and outdoor heated outdoor jacuzzis (35°C). Break Sokos Hotel Bomba, Nurmes

Flamingo Spa in Vantaa

Your spa holiday at Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo starts when you take the elevator to the lower floors. Flamingo Spa offers fun moments at 32 degrees Celsius temperatures for guests of all ages. If you can master the courage, you can try the longest water slide in the Nordics. The luxurious Adult Spa (K18) focuses on the well-being of its guests in a relaxing atmosphere. You will leave energized but wonderfully pampered. At the Adult Spa, you will enjoy an international spa culture. As a guest of the spa, you have access to both the water park with its pools and slides and the orientally decorated sauna area. The area features six different saunas, heated relaxation areas, mineral and hot water pools, as well as a Spa Cafe. Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo, Vantaa