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The Sokos Hotels chain consists of four hotel types, each aiming at creating happiness.

Sokos Hotels is the most trusted and respected hotel chain in Finland, with 46 hotels in Finland and one in Tallinn. All our hotels are situated in city centres or in the middle of recreational locations, alongside good transport connections. Our most important mission is making our guests happy.

There are as many paths to happiness as there are people. That's why we at Sokos Hotels have created four completely different types of hotels, united by one mission: Creating happiness.

Original is what you'd expect: a heartfelt local. It is rooted in the local culture and happy to cater to your needs – whether you are travelling for business or enjoying time off. Original is comfortably familiar yet different enough. Get to know Original hotels.

Break is a refreshing break from the ordinary and more than just a hotel. It is relaxation and action: bubbles in the pool and glass, outdoor activities or attending a gig, or meetings by your work desk or at the restaurant table. In Break, you can enjoy life and multiply your happiness. Learn more about Break hotels.

Solo is impossible to duplicate. It is a hundred years of paying attention to detail and treating each guest as royalty. Each Solo is a unique story, where you play the main character. Explore Solo hotels.

Heymo challenges the familiar hotel experience and presents the future. It is a hotel where you will encounter the best of digitality and modern quality. In addition, the Fixer helps you see the city in a new light. Heymo is the ideal base for the traveller. Find out more about Heymo hotels.

Sokos Hotels - creating happiness