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About us

 Sokos Hotels

About Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels – Individual, yet for everybody

People are different. In addition, everyone has different characteristics. Different people seek different hotels and hotel experiences. That is why we have created three completely new and different hotel types: Original, Break, and Solo.

An Original hotel is easy to relate to because it understands the Finnish mindset: it regards you as a human being, not a reservation number. Finnish to the core, it serves you and takes good care of you.

A Break hotel is joy, time, and energy. It offers you exercise and relaxation, both physical and mental. It wants to inspire you and help you break your normal routine, making everyday life whole and worth living. Its primary mission is to recharge your inner battery – whether you are a business or leisure traveller, you will always leave a Break hotel feeling more energised than when you arrived.

A Solo hotel either is or will be a classic. It is much more than a building and an address; it is a place with a unique character and personality. Adding to the customised hotel experience in a Solo Hotel, the service is always warm and laced with local ingredients.

With 48 hotels in Finland, Tallinn, and St. Petersburg, Sokos Hotels is the best-known, most trusted and most respected hotel chain in Finland. All our hotels are situated in city centres or in the middle of recreational locations, alongside good transport connections.