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Sustainability at Sokos Hotels


Sustainability creating happiness since 1974

At Sokos Hotels, our aim is creating a happier travel experience. This means that we care about the well-being of our guests as well as of the climate and our environment. This has been noted also by our customers, who again rate us as the most responsible hotel chain brand in Finland.

Better choices are a priority

We are part of the S Group's ambitious responsibility programme, where one of the most important goals is to reach carbon negativity in our operations by the end of 2025. Our guests sleep, eat, wash, work and enjoy themselves in our hotels every day, all year round. Responsible choices are multiplied through our customers, which is why we want to continuously develop our operations in a more sustainable direction. Our goal is to provide each employee and guest a place where they are treated as equals and individuals.

All our hotels meet the strict criteria for Green Key and Sustainable Travel Finland certifications.

This is why Sokos Hotels are a better choice.

Responsibility for the environment: We use sustainable sources

We strive for carbon negativity in our operations. To achieve this, we have already switched to mainly renewable energy and exclusively to renewable electricity. Some of our hotels produce energy for their own use and for the grid with the help of, for example, solar panels. The amount of carbon emissions in Finnish Sokos Hotels is 31 kg CO₂/room per day including breakfast. This amount represents the Sokos Hotels chain average. The calculation includes emissions in accordance with Scope 1 & 2. 85% of the amount of emissions comes from the breakfast. When it comes to breakfast, food logistics from the producer country to the logistics centre and from the logistics centre to the hotel located the farthest in Finland have also been included. In terms of own emissions, the biggest emissions come from heating systems, where the Sokos Hotels chain is dependent on partner operations.

We also promote a planetary, i.e., lighter diet for the climate, and increase the number of plant-based alternatives in our restaurants. We make it easier for our guests act in a sustainable way. There are, among other things, electric car charging points in each of our hotels, and our guests can opt for plant-based dishes.

All our hotels meet the strict criteria for Green Key and Sustainable Travel Finland certifications.

Responsibility for people: You can put your mind at ease in our hotels

Our roots which lie in Nordic democracy and equality guide us to aim for an equal and accessible hotel and restaurant visit. Each Sokos Hotel has accessible rooms.

We care. We employ more than 1,300 own employees and, as one of the largest hotel chains in Finland, invest in our role as a fair, value-based employer.

Locality is also important to us. As much as 80% of the food we serve is of Finnish origin, and our restaurants serve local flavours produced in the vicinity of each hotel.

Winner of the Sustainable Brand Index 2023

Our work towards sustainability has been noted, and our Finnish customers have for the 11th consecutive time selected us as Finland's most responsible hotel brand in the Sustainable Brand Index survey. This kind of recognition from Finnish consumers is a matter of honour for us. We wish to thank our customers for their trust.

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