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    Business traveler, do you want to enjoy your business trips more? Become an S-Card Loyalty member. S-Card is a loyalty program for business travelers that offers smooth service and plenty of benefits. You benefit from your membership in S Group's hotels, restaurants, and meeting venues.

    Sokos Hotels want to create happiness

    Happiness is when our guests receive more than they ask for. It is when we exceed their expectations even when they are high. It is our ability to listen, be attentive and do our very best, at all times.

    Give a hotel night as a gift

    Give a hotel vacation as a gift to celebrate graduation, a wedding day or any other significant occasion. This intangible gift will surely delight its recipient and is also a responsible choice. You choose the value of the gift card, and the recipient chooses the Sokos Hotel of their liking.

    Creating happiness

    When you, over a period of 50 years, have grown into one of the largest hotel chains in Finland, you have encountered a fair amount of people. Experience has shown that each guest is different. Our service is therefore personalized and each guest always our priority. Our ambition is to be a forerunner in sustainability. In the eyes of the Finnish people, we are the most sustainable brand in our industry. In addition to being sustainable, our heartfelt mission is to provide the framework for as diverse as possible memories, from adventures to staycations and from business trips to the most important celebrations in life. You will fall in love with our hotels, over and over again.

    Trusted Brand 2023 - Readers Digest - Finlands most trusted hotel chainIndustry winner 2023 - Sustainable brand indexBrand valuation - the most valued hotel chain 2022Winner 2022 - The World Branding Awards - Brand of the Year

    Individual for everybody

    People are different. In addition, everyone has different characteristics. Different people seek different hotels and hotel experiences. That is why we have created four completely different hotel types: Original, Break, Solo and Heymo.


    When you value convenience

    At times, knowing what to expect, helps you relax. Original hotels are a group of welcoming hotels, from Rovaniemi to Helsinki, and all the way to Tallinn.


    Take a time off

    Break could mean bubbles in a pool or some kind of activity or ending a day of meetings with a culinary experience. Each Break is more than a mere hotel.


    Unique and elegant

    Each Solo has its unique character. What the hotels have in common is the design, indulgent details, culinary pleasures and uncompromising service.


    Flexible hotel concept

    Heymo is the ideal base for the traveler to relax and sleep, the city provides everything else. At Heymo, you sleep well and pay only for what you need.