Order an S-Card


Personal and contact information

Edit any changed contact details in your S Group customer data to ensure the continued use of electronic services.

What kinds of messages would you like to receive?

Messages of S-Card benefits

We will notify you by email when you have received S Points, when your benefits are about to expire, when your membership period ends or whether you are close to an upgrade to the Premium level.

Marketing messages

We will tell you about our new services, restaurants, hotel-specific benefits and how you can get the most out of your S-Card membership.

This data is saved in the S-Card customer register.


Select payment method

S-Card membership costs EUR 25/year and it is paid when the card is ordered. After you have paid the membership fee, we will send you a receipt of your payment in the email address you have provided. The actual card will be mailed to you within two weeks.
Campaign code

Amount to be paid 25.00 €

Saving data

Your information is stored in SOK's Travel and Hospitality Industry S-Card customer loyalty register. Your personal information is used for maintaining your membership.

Why choose S-Card?

S-Card is the most comprehensive card in Finland for users of accommodation, meeting and restaurant services. Get the S-Card and make your accommodation, restaurant and meeting purchases at S Group hotels and restaurants to enjoy significant benefits!
S Points

S Points

Money from purchases every month.
Meal benefits

Meal benefits

A meal benefit of €12 at restaurants per overnight stay.
Family benefit

Family benefit

Have a family member or pet stay with you for free.
... and a number of other benefits!