All S Group's hotels are open, reservations can be made as usual

Latest update: 22 Dec 2021

Our hotels offer safe accommodation.

The well-being of our customers and staff is of utmost importance to us.

We're doing everything to make sure that the safety and hygiene of our hotels and restaurants is handled in an exemplary manner. We're paying special attention to these important issues. We've provided detailed instructions for all our employees, and we make sure these instructions are followed at every hotel and restaurant.

All S Group's hotels are open and reservations can be made as usual.

Also Radisson Blu hotels that are closed at Christmas time:
Radisson Blu Hotel Espoo, opens 17 Jan 2022
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Helsinki, opens 17 Jan 2022

Hotels under renovation and therefore closed: 
Original Sokos Hotel Helsinki, Helsinki
Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, Helsinki
Original Sokos Hotel Ilves, Tampere 

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Modification and cancellation of the reservation if the hotel is closed

If you have a reservation for a hotel that is currently closed, you will receive a new booking confirmation from the hotel to which your reservation has been transferred. If your booking is not transferable, we will contact you by phone.

If you'd like to change an existing booking, please call the Sokos Hotels Sales Service Centre at +358 300 870 000 (51 senti/kõne + kohalik võrgutasu/mobiilikõne tasu).