Solo Sokos Hotel Pier 4 will be a masterpiece of Finnish wood architecture
Solo Sokos Hotel Pier 4 will be a masterpiece of Finnish wood architecture

Redesigns and new hotel openings!

We consider offering a hotel network, which is not only comprehensive but also in excellent condition, a priority. Many of our classic hotels are being redesigned in ways that further enhance their identities. New hotels are also being built. Summer of 2024 will see the opening of the magnificent Solo Sokos Hotel Pier 4 in Helsinki.

A new hotel to open in Katajanokka, Helsinki

The upscale Solo Sokos Hotel Pier 4, to open by the seaside pier in Katajanokka in summer 2024, is a masterpiece of Finnish wood architecture. Set by the sea, the hotel will feature 164 rooms, event facilities, a restaurant, a café and a rooftop terrace with stunning views. The proximity to the sea, as well as the pleasant natural materials that speak to all senses, will create a unique atmosphere for guests.

Finland's northernmost Sokos Hotel has been redesigned

Break Sokos Hotel Levi's restaurants and sauna facilities have been given a fresh look, incorporating a Lapland feel. The hotel's new restaurant, which goes by the name Grill it! Levi, is all about grilled food, fireplaces and a cozy atmosphere. The interior of the breakfast and event restaurant Kiisa showcases decorative Lappish motifs.

Levi is one of Finland's most popular winter destinations, filled with activities. A day spent outdoors in Finland will naturally end with a visit to the sauna. "Our revamped, Lapland-inspired sauna area has a luxurious spa atmosphere with an interior featuring stones and gold, typical of Lapland," Hotel Manager Sanna Tietäväinen explains.

Energy-efficient experience hotel to open in Vaasa

Original Sokos Hotel Royal in Vaasa is undergoing extensive changes. The hotel will be turned into the most experiential hotel complex on the west coast of Finland, showcasing visually impressive facilities. The hotel's features will include a stylish sauna section with a swimming pool on the top floor, and a bright 15 meter high Atrium lobby.

The main objective of the hotel renovation in Vaasa is to create Finland's most energy-efficient hotel. This is made possible by, for example, implementing geothermal energy as main mode of heating, building an in-house solar power plant and recovering energy from waste water.

Break Sokos Hotel Tahko gets closer to nature

Changes are taking place also at Break Sokos Hotel Tahko, located in Tahko tourism center. The result will be an elegant hotel with the surrounding natural landscape incorporated into the hotel experience. All hotel rooms, restaurants and reception will be redesigned, and part of the hotel even completely rebuilt. In the future, multiple hotel rooms will offer a view of the lake and the beautiful fell landscape.

The first phase was completed in September 2023.

Jyväskylä to offer a 100x better hotel experience

The redesign of over 100 hotel rooms of Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra has started. The rooms will have a harmonious feel, inspired by the architectural language of Alvar Aalto. The sauna section will also receive a new look, and the hotel will have a gym. The renovation of the hotel will be completed in spring 2024.

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Mikkeli gets an urban touch

The 73 rooms of Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, located in the centre of Mikkeli, will soon have a fresh, new look.  The inspiration is drawn from urbanity and locality, General Manager Kari Hänninen explains. The ambiance of the rooms, as well as the materials, reflect the surrounding cityscape. The redesign  will be completed in May 2024.