Let's take care of each other

The well-being of our guests and staff is our highest priority. We make every effort to ensure that the safety and hygiene at our hotels and restaurants are well maintained. Our primary goal is that you and our staff can have peace of mind and feel safe.

"Let's take care of each other" is a program we have implemented for the safety of both our guests and our staff. The program includes measures based on official recommendations and regulations, as well as the company's internal instructions. We encourage both our staff and guests to stay home if experiencing even the slightest symptoms.

Staying in our hotels is safe. A list of S Group hotels that are currently closed is visible here » 


Hygiene and safety measures during a hotel stay

  • Before arriving at the hotel, we inform our guests about security measures on our website, by e-mail (when booking on and at the hotel entrance.
  • Please visit us only if you are healthy.
  • Please use a face mask in accordance with current recommendations.
  • If you are arriving from abroad, have been tested for COVID-19 or develop symptoms suggestive of a coronavirus during your stay, we request that you stay in your room and avoid all contact with staff and other guests. Contact the reception by phone.
  • Hand sanitizers are available in all public facilities.
  • We have intensified cleaning and hygiene practices throughout the hotel. We pay particular attention to the cleaning of contact surfaces, such as door handles, tabletops, payment terminals and elevator buttons.
  • Transparent plexiglass screens have been installed at our customer service points and our staff is protected with face masks and visors in accordance with current recommendations.
  • We remind our guests to maintain a safe distance in the hotel premises.
  • We recommend card payment instead of cash. 

Hotel room 

  • Cleaning practices have also been intensified in the rooms. We pay special attention to cleaning contact surfaces such as door handles, tabletops and remote controls.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary contact between our guests and staff and to save water and detergents, we only clean the hotel rooms upon request.

Breakfast and restaurants 

Our primary goal is that you can enjoy your breakfast with peace of mind. Our breakfast service is subject to special safety and hygiene procedures.

  • Restaurant seating is arranged with safety distances in mind and the number of guests are limited in accordance with the instructions of the authorities.
  • We have also implemented intensified cleaning of our restaurants, by ensuring the adequacy of hand sanitizers at our customer service points and wiping tabletops and chairs after each guest.
  • Great food makes every day better. That is why we want to offer tasty food, which brightens your day, while adhering to safety guidelines and the recommendations of the authorities. 


  • We maintain safety distances in our meeting facilities and follow the recommendations of the authorities when it comes to the number of guests.
  • We have intensified cleaning and hygiene practices also in our meeting facilities. Hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes are available in all meeting rooms.
  • Depending on the number of guests, catering service will be carried out in stages.
  • Our buffet service is subject to special safety and hygiene procedures.
  • Sokos Hotels can also host hybrid meetings or events, which you can attend remotely.
  • We will make a welcome call to the event organizer before the event, in order to go through your needs in more detail.
  • In order to organize the most successful event possible for everyone:
    • Please let us know the purpose of and your wishes for your event. Together we will find the best solution for you.
    • Be sure to reserve a large enough space for the event, according to the number of attendees.
    • Keep us updated about changes to attendees and timings.
    • Please keep the names and contact details of your event attendees for possible future contact needs.
    • Do remind attendees to stay home if they experience even the slightest symptoms.
    • Please remind attendees to maintain good hand hygiene, wear face masks, and respect safety distances throughout the event.
  • Safe encounters are everyone's responsibility. By following common guidelines, everyone can enjoy our events with peace of mind. Let's take care of each other!