Whether you're travelling on business or at leisure, we are the number one choice – for a long awaited visit to the spa, time spent together with family or friends, or a party or an inspiring meeting – above all, we offer you a break from your everyday life to recharge your batteries.

We are located in the largest entertainment and shopping centre of the Nordic countries, as well as close to Helsinki Airport and the sights of the Helsinki metropolitan region. Our location at a transport hub means that we are easy to reach, no matter where you're coming from – Finland or abroad.

Select a room to match your mood

Our comfortable Energy rooms are located in the main hotel building, so you're just one elevator ride away from fun or pampering. The large windows to see aircraft and the additional beds folded down from the walls are popular especially among our younger guests.

Opened in 2019, our new Wing raised us to a whole new level. The sprightly red Wing with its flowing shape houses stylish hotel rooms based on three different themes on six floors. You can choose from the lively Joy, inspiring Flow or Harmony, which has been designed for relaxation for adults.

What would you like to do today?

Entertainment centre Flamingo, located in the same building, offers unforgettable experiences for every taste. You can see a movie, go bowling or glow golfing, have an adventure in a virtual adventure park, escape from the secret cells of Prison Island or exercise at fitness centre Elixia. If you like water, you'll be sure to enjoy the water park of Flamingo Spa, or you can go to the spa to enjoy a steam room, a whirlpool bath or pampering treatments. You can use the connecting gallery to visit shopping centre Jumbo, a true extravaganza of shopping covering three floors. You won't get hungry, either, as there are dozens of restaurants under the same roof.

Life is not just a holiday – it's also a party!

Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo is also a party and meeting venue: we have twelve modern and well-equipped conference rooms, for example. We are also proud to present our new venue Event, a great place to arrange an exhibition, a product launch, a dinner party, a trade fair event or a seminar. You can drive a car in, if you like!

Good night and delicious morning

After a night full of entertainment, dive into the comfortable bed in your room, wrap yourself in the soft duvet and get ready for some sweet dreams! In the morning, you can enjoy a large Break breakfast in the spacious and bright Bankett Flamingo hall. As the delicious aroma of coffee greets you already in the hallway, take your pick from the vast array of items on offer, then crown your breakfast with marshmallows dipped in the chocolate fountain. The breakfast will power you up for the day!

By booking a room with us, you have made a responsible choice. We have a Green Key eco-label as recognition for our work to protect the environment.

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Tasetie 8 01510, Vantaa
Tasetie 8
01510, Vantaa