Recommended by our staff

Spa Tropiclandia is located within a short walking distance from the hotel. There are excellent parking facilities for cars. Buy tickets at lower prices from the hotel reception or websites.

Vaasa is known for its high-quality and diverse culture. The city's cultural heritage is cherished by 25 museums and galleries.  Vaasa offers various events – both big and small.      

Step aboard a ferry at the Port of Vaasa and experience our beautiful archipelago. Wasaline takes you in four hours from Vaasa to Umeå where you can go shopping at diverse stores at low prices.

We can recommend a trip to the sea, a refreshing cruise in the beautiful archipelago. During the cruise there will be a full one hour stop on the Island of Kuusisaari, where it is possible to enjoy a meal in Restaurant Janne´s Saloon. Total trip time 3 hours and 5 minutes. More information here