Turku's very own Hamburger Börs has been an icon in the Finnish hotel world for 110 years as a venue for all kinds of occasions. The hotel's location right next to the market square brings you to the heart of life in Turku.

Hamburger Börs' story began in 1894, when 23 year-old clerk Oscar Waldemar Aspelund boldly applied to the city for the right to "serve warm fare and ale and keep the premises open until twelve o'clock at night".  His application was approved and the Hamburger Bierhalle restaurant began operations. The restuarant was described as follows: "both the food and atmosphere are ahead of the times". The restaurant recommended blinis, fresh caviar and "kramsfågel", or edible small birds. A significant change came in 1897 when Hamburger Bierhalle became a "resturant with full rights" and changed its name to Hamburger Börs.

The next important step for Hamburger Börs came in 1904: "Saturday the twelfth of March 1904 was a great day for Hamburger Börs. It opened accommodation amounting to 14 rooms for travellers' use, and this marked the start of Hamburger Börs' status as a renowned hotel. The day was full of celebration. A delicious and plentiful evening meal was served and a festive atmosphere could be felt. The celebratory menu contained the following courses: a sandwich tray, turtle soup, boiled salmon Hollandaise, lamb saddle and vegetables, asparagus, chicken, and fruit salad. The price of the menu was 5 marks."


The hotel-restaurant's operations were placed in the firm hands of a legendary young Swede, Miss Wallina Valtin - quite literally in fact, as she enjoyed weightlifting in her free time. "The hotel as able to charm its guests. Special attention had been paid with the hotel's interior and furnishings, which were chosen carefully and tastefully. All rooms also featured an electric light and telephone. The latter was a novelty."


The hotel guests brought colour and life to Hamburger Börs' business. Miss Valtin understood the importance of a good program and as such, the number and variety of performers in the hotel's restaurant grew to include orchestras, bands, singers both male and female, and magicians.

One hundred years on, Hamburger Börs continues to operate on the Oscar Waldemar's and Miss Valtin's principles. Its services undergo constant development and the hotel-restaurant truly invests in entertaining its guests. Our hotel has expanded and our range of services has increased in order for us to be able to meet your specific, individual needs and expectations.

At Hamburger Börs, we move with the times. We're happy to give you the best tips on current events in the city and region, as well as provide you information about what our network of partners has to offer. We are genuinely Finnish, genuinely local – and here for you.


Quotes sourced from: A history of Hamburger Börs from the 1950s, written by Professor Toivo T. Rinne

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