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These terms of delivery (“Terms of Delivery”) apply to all S Group hotels in Finland and concern any group bookings of these hotels (meetings, events, restaurants). In order to ensure smooth group arrangements, we comply with the Terms of Delivery, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing.

Reservation confirmation and binding force

The reservation and Terms of Delivery enter into force when the customer has received a written confirmation of the reservation. This forms an agreement for the delivery of the service under the terms agreed between the hotel and the customer. The reservation confirmation includes the reservation details, reservation terms and pricing. Any changes to the booking must be made in writing or by calling the hotel’s sales service.

The hotel has the right to choose a suitable facility for the number of participants. The reservation is valid for the number of participants communicated by the customer. If the number of participants changes, the hotel is entitled to allocate another facility for the customer and redefine the details and charges of the event. In case of meeting reservations for more than one day, we reserve the right to sell the meeting rooms for other use in the evening(s).

Event specification

Please send a detailed programme and a list of the names of those guests who will be staying at the hotel at least two (2) weeks before the group’s arrival date. Include the following information:

  • names and contact details of the group leader/persons in charge of the event
  • estimated check-in time
  • if applicable, mealtimes and special diets (1 menu/group)
  • Event programme and schedule
  • Guidance text for the information sign

Transfer of agreement

The customer does not have the right to transfer the agreement or hand over the reserved facilities to a third party without the written consent of the hotel and/or restaurant.

General cancellation terms

You can cancel or change a reservation for free to the last confirmed number of room nights or people in the reservation as follows, according to the original size of the group:

1–15 participants or hotel room nights16–40 participants or hotel room nights41–60 participants or hotel room nights61–120 participants or hotel room nights121–200 participants or hotel room nights201–350 participants or hotel room nights
100% of the reservation7 days prior to the event14 days prior to the event28 days prior to the event42 days prior to the event56 days prior to the event84 days prior to the event
50% of the reservation5 days prior to the event10 days prior to the event14 days prior to the event28 days prior to the event42 days prior to the event56 days prior to the event
25% of the reservation3 days prior to the event7 days prior to the event7 days prior to the event14 days prior to the event28 days prior to the event42 days prior to the event
10% of the reservation1 day prior to the event4 days prior to the event4 days prior to the event7 days prior to the event7 days prior to the event14 days prior to the event

The terms and costs for cancellation of events for more than 350 people are agreed on a case-by-case basis and if the hotel so requires. If no other terms are applicable, reservations for more than 350 people will be subject to the same terms as reservations for 201–350 participants or hotel room nights.

Participant = person participating in a group reservation

Hotel room night = The number of hotel rooms and days in the reservation. For example, if a reservation has 15 rooms for two nights, the total number of hotel room nights is 30 (15 rooms × 2 nights).

Terms and conditions of cancellation

In the event of cancellation, the cancellation costs are calculated separately for accommodation services and meeting and restaurant services as presented in the table. If the number of participants in the reservation or the number of hotel room nights exceeds the original reservation, the customer agrees to the cancellation terms for a larger reservation. If a participant arrives later or leaves before the agreed time or fails to arrive entirely, the hotel will charge the full amount. The hotel has the right to full compensation for all services and products ordered in advance. This also applies to services ordered through subcontracting. The reservation’s price is determined according to the confirmed number of participants. If the actual number of participants is greater than the confirmed number, the price is determined according to the actual number.

Payment terms

A group will always receive a group invoice = 1 invoice. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the person making the reservation is responsible for the group’s costs. The payment method is advance invoice, invoicing (if they have a valid invoicing agreement) or payment card, unless otherwise agreed. Invoicing is subject to the currently valid invoicing surcharge, charged per invoice. All rights to changes are reserved. The hotel has the right to send an advance invoice for all or part of the reservation to the customer. If the customer does not pay the advance invoice by the due date, the hotel has the right to cancel the entire reservation.

Order change / Force majeure

At any time, the hotel may interrupt or cancel a meeting/occasion/event if it interferes with the hotel’s other activities or if it endangers the reputation of the hotel or the safety of the hotel or its other customers.

Each party has the right to cancel or change a confirmed reservation due to force majeure without any liability. Force majeure shall be deemed to be a circumstance beyond the control of the party which occurs after the confirmation of the reservation and as a result of which fulfilling the agreement becomes unlawful or excessively difficult and which the party could not reasonably have taken into account when concluding the agreement. Such an event may be strike, war, mutiny, internal unrest, requisitioning for public need by public authorities, import or export prohibition, natural disaster, interruption of public transport, public telecommunications or energy distribution, industry-wide labour conflict or fire, epidemic, pandemic or another unusual event that has significant effects and that is beyond the control of the party. After the obstacle appears, the party who wishes to invoke force majeure must immediately notify the other party in writing about postponing the fulfilment of its contractual obligations, same as of its termination.


All our prices are quoted in euros and include VAT. The pricing of events, meetings and other group reservations is always agreed case-by-case. S Group reserves the right to price changes if they are based on changes in legislation or public charges imposed by the authorities arising after the confirmation or during the possible agreement period agreed with the customer. The customer will be notified of such changes separately. We also reserve the right to price changes if the reservation changes (date(s), duration of reservation, number of people, facilities and/or hotel rooms). Prices do not include any fees charged by the travel agent, unless otherwise stated in the confirmation.

The customer’s responsibilities

The customer shall ensure that the rented facilities and furniture are not damaged. The customer is responsible for any damage to the building or the hotel’s movable property caused by the customer’s equipment, staff, performers or the participants. The customer is responsible for any equipment and movable property they bring to the hotel. The customer agrees to comply with the instructions issued by hotel staff regarding the hotel property and premises and the use of furniture and equipment. The customer is solely responsible for the reservation in its entirety.

Delivering material to the hotel

You must notify of any materials delivered to the hotel well in advance. The hotel is not responsible for lost deliveries. All materials delivered to the hotel, including packaging materials, must be taken away by the customer immediately after the end of the event. If something is left at the hotel, the hotel has the right to get rid of it at the expense of the customer.

Special arrangements

If the event requires special permits, programme, orchestra, decorations or unusual technical equipment, the customer agrees to bear these costs.

Photographing at the hotel

If you intend to take pictures or video at the event, please contact the hotel in advance in order to obtain a possible permit.

Possible hotel renovation

If the hotel needs to renovate or repair its premises after the reservation has been confirmed, the hotel agrees to notify the subscriber in writing within a reasonable time. A hotel renovation or repair project is not, as a rule, a reason to terminate the agreement, unless the renovation materially affects the reservation.

End of hotel operations

If the ownership of the hotel is transferred outside of S Group or the hotel ends its operation (“End Date”), this agreement will terminate with respect to the hotel on the End Date and at the same time all contractual obligations shall cease with respect to the hotel. In this case, the hotel will strive to offer an alternative hotel of the same standard under the terms and conditions agreed upon in this agreement. The hotel shall notify the customer about this without delay in writing.

Applicable laws and settlement of disputes

This reservation is governed by the laws of Finland. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this reservation between the agreeing parties shall be settled primarily through mutual agreement negotiations between the parties. Any disputes arising from the agreement that cannot be settled between the parties to the contract shall be resolved in the district court of the domicile of the service provider implementing the reservation or, if an agreement period has been concluded with the customer, of the domicile of the customer’s contractual partner (the service provider or contractual partner may be SOK, Sokotel Oy or an S Group regional cooperative) as the court of first instance.