Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere is a tribute to the history of Tampere, its phenomena and values, as well as the spirit of its residents. The eventful history of Tampere, its cultural heritage and the present day are variedly reflected in the hotel's product and service range, and in its interior design. A number of Tampere-based experts from various fields have left their imprint on the story narrated by the hotel. The spirit of Tampere can also be seen in the relaxed and casual way guests are welcomed to the hotel.

The hotel celebrates the ability of Tampere to renew itself and thrive, from one age to the next. Over the centuries, Tampere has gone through many changes and transitions, each of which has made the city even stronger. Phoenix birds, which symbolise regeneration, can be seen in different parts of the hotel, the most impressive of which is the four-metre-tall Phoenix statue behind the reception desk. The conversion of the old locomotive depot into a modern meeting venue and the modern tower hotel built right next to it also symbolise this continuous change and help bring the city's story to life for contemporary people.

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Ratapihankatu 43 33100, Tampere
Ratapihankatu 43
33100, Tampere