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Hotel Villa makes your worries go away! It originates from history. It is interesting. The hotel was originally a warehouse of a cooperative. When the warehouse was turned into a hotel, notes from the past were left visible and the interior design pays its respects to the past. All this resulted in a rather interesting and diverse hotel.


Villa works together with Granny's Corner, a centre for voluntary elderly work in Tampere. Its members have knit blankets in all rooms to keep your shoulders nice and warm.

Villa has also received the Green Key ecolabel in recognition of our extensive work for the environment – and our customers.


Enjoy your stay!

Call us 0300 870 030 prices 0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min
Sumeliuksenkatu 14 33100, Tampere
Sumeliuksenkatu 14
33100, Tampere