Original Sokos Hotel Ilves, owing its design to a matchbox, has always been a free spirit. One of those who are said to be born legends. When the revolving doors of Ilves revolved for the very first time in 1986, it was a remarkable period. Ilves was the biggest, the highest and the prettiest of its time.

The doors of Ilves have opened to many legends of their time: movie stars, rock stars, presidents and significant business people. The hotel has also welcomed travellers, people celebrating the Finnish Independence Day, lovers, wedding guests and local citizens. Ilves has been the start of and the main setting for many stories.

Now the legend has come to life – again. The iconic revolving doors will revolve once more in March 2022 to mark the beginning of a new era.

We have polished the surfaces from the nightclub to the rooftop sauna and to each of the 336 rooms. Still, the history has not been wiped away: the original chandeliers, Carrara's marble and Finnish works of art have been given their rightful place. Despite all these glorious details, the atmosphere is far from glamorous standing on ceremony. Tampere is known for its easy-going hospitality which welcomes all tones and tunes of life in all their shades.

The restaurant floor is the lively hub of Ilves, and it offers escapes from daily life and chances to be wowed in four different settings: the renewed Rosso takes you to Italy, Ukko-Nooa is like walking into a British pub, Amarillo's The Table surprises, and the brand new Lynx brings people together to enjoy the city's most attractive after work experience. The Ilves Bar & Night downstairs keep people entertained until late, dancing to current hits.

The rooms and their amazing views to the rapids help leave all troubles behind. Roaring rapids and the mindset of Tampere come to life in the interior design. This is the stage where you decide how the story goes. Maybe it leads you to a romantic dinner or to chill out by the pool? Or to drinks and then to the bustling city life? Or did someone say "room service"?

So just come in, whatever your thing: for a drink, first date, family dinner, work lunch, staycation, to celebrate, stop, enjoy the sauna, heal, experience, taste and fall in love – to live.  

Ilves is open. It's time to create new stories.  

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Hatanpään Valtatie 1 33100, Tampere
Hatanpään Valtatie 1
33100, Tampere