Green Key

We are committed to taking environmental wellbeing into account in our hotel operations.

As an indication of this, Original Sokos Hotel Ilves has been awarded the Green Key label. Green Key is an international eco-label which promotes sustainable travel. Hotels with environmental certificates help travellers make increasingly sustainable ecological choices and decrease their own carbon footprint.

You too can help the environment by, for example:

  • closing the tap while you are washing yourself with shampoo or soap
  • using a mug when brushing your teeth
  • leaving your towel on the towel hook so that you can use it again
  • switching off all the lights you do not need
  • taking the key card with you when leaving your room; this ensures that all lights are switched off
  • selecting local, organic and vegetarian food at breakfast
  • always finishing your plate
  • sorting waste. We will recycle any bottles, paper waste and glass waste you have left in your room.
  • seeing the city and its sights on a bicycle or on foot. Ask the hotel for bus schedules and other public transportation.

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Hatanpään Valtatie 1 33100, Tampere
Hatanpään Valtatie 1
33100, Tampere