Green Key

We have the Green Key eco-label!

At Green Key hotels like Original Sokos Hotel Viru we work every day to protect the environment. You can help us!

  1. Working together: all of our staff are involved in environmental work and we are given environmental training as part of our work.
  2. We sort waste correctly and efficiently: reusable materials are sent off for recycling.
  3. We use water sparingly: we wash dishes efficiently and most of the rooms have showers and taps that save water.
  4. We use cleaning agents with eco-labels when cleaning. Our cleaners also make sure the bottles, packaging and paper left in the rooms get recycled. Many of our Sokos Hotels have separate bins for different types of waste.
  5. We use energy-efficient and LED lamps. Every time we change a light bulb, the new one we choose is environmentally friendly.
  6. We promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle: depending on the Sokos hotel, you can choose a bicycle, scooter, walking poles, electric car, rollerskates, electric taxi and public transport, and we have simple guidelines in how to use them. We also prefer environmentally friendly ways of getting around.
  7. We always try to offer local, organic and vegetarian food at our restaurants.
  8. We keep all our equipment from ventilation to refrigerators in good orders so that they work energy-efficiently.
  9. We consider protection of the environment and its importance in everything we do.
  10. We encourage our clients to do the same. There are tips in every room that inform our guests about ways of protecting the nature. We make sure that your requests are satisfied: if you leave your towel on the hook, we will not change it for a clean one.
  11. We help our guests enjoy the beautiful nature of Estonia: there is information about the nearest natural sights at all of our hotels.

You can help the nature as well:

  • turn off the tap when you're shampooing or soaping yourself in the shower;
  • use a cup for water when brushing your teeth;
  • hang your towel on the hook and use it again;
  • turn off the lights that are not needed;
  • don't forget to take your key card with you when you leave the room, as this will turn off all the lights in the room;
  • choose local, organic or vegetarian food for breakfast;
  • don't put more food on your plate than you can eat. You can always get more if you need it;
  • sort your waste. The cleaner will sort the bottles, paper and packaging left on the table in the room;
  • use a bicycle or walk when sightseeing, ask the reception for public transport schedules.
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Viru Väljak 4 EE-10111, Tallinn
Viru Väljak 4
EE-10111, Tallinn