Remote work at North Karelia!

Are you bored of working at home? Gladly you can work remotely almost anywhere! Pack your laptop and come and remote work at North Karelia. When the work day is done and you close your laptop you can enjoy the great outdoors as the nature experiences await you just on your doorstep. . Bomba, Koli or Joensuu, which one is your next remote working place? Book your tickets and come to North Karelia to enjoy the Karelian hospitality!
Dream remote working place in the charm of nature
North Karelia is the dream remote working place. After work you can close your laptop and head out to nature. And not just any nature but to the wild North Karelian nature with spectacular views. Spend your time in a national park, on top of a hill, close to lakes or overlooking a stunning river views. We have something for everyone after a day of work whether you are an eager snowshoer, skier, spa goer, walker or excited about culture events. And great views.  
And you don't have to sit in the whole day. A meeting will get a whole new energy from the top of Ukko-Koli or from the shore of lake Pielinen. After a moment outside you can come back in and enjoy our lovely spas and the warmt of our saunas.
"Sometimes when remote working your insipiration and energy levels can be low. We have plenty of inspiration to offer. In Koli you can reach the top of a hill in less than 15 minutes, at Bomba you can enjoy the warmth of a jacuzzi and at Kimmel you can enjoy the lovely river view", says Tiina Kanninen, Director of Tourism and Sales at North Karelia Cooperative.
"Work can be done in our cozy hotel rooms (WiFi is always included) or in the general spaces of the hotel. In the best case scenario your Teams meetings' backdrop can be the top of Ukko-Koli or lake Pielinen which continues as far as the eye can see. Sometimes it feels good to make your colleagues jealous", Kanninen says humorously. 
Best tips for a day of remote working:
  • Wake up early for a day of remote work.Arrive at a ready-made breakfast table, enjoy a freshly made coffee, handmade karelian pies and a bowl of porridge. And our smiles.
  • Move your desk so, that you can admire the scenes right in front of you. At Break Sokos Hotel Koli it is the stunning national landscape, at Bomba it's the view on lake Pielinen and in Joensuu it's towards a river or a park. 
  • Enjoy a good dinner at the hotel restaurant. Take time to yourself. Bistro Heili at Kimmel, Trattoria Pielinen at Bomba and Grill It! at Koli and the varies restaurants at Vaakuna pamper both the body and mind.
  • Lown the days' papers from the reception. 
  • Visit the gym. And enjoy our guest sauna. 
  • Sleep well in the clean sheets and good-quality beds. 
Remote work at Joensuu, Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel
  • Book luxury to your remote working place. Original Sokos Hotel kimmel's newly renovated Superior X rooms have luxurious design and their own saunas. The nature themed Havina room makes your ideas fly.
  • Take long walks after your work day by the beautiful shore of the river. Stop at a café, get to know Karelian arts & crafts and different areas in Joensuu. Taitokortteli arts & crafts centre is a favourite among the art & crafts lover. And the city has great bard and interesting restaurants. Addition to our Bistro Heili and Aittaranta in Penttilä close-by.
  • The luxurious Nautiskelu Kylpylä Kimmel Spa, with its whirlpools, saunas, experience showers and heated benches, is sure to escort its visitors above everyday life
Remote work at Nurmes, Break Sokos Hotel Bomba
  • Relax at the spa. Spa Bomba exudes Karelian mysticism and its an relaxing oasis with its experience showers and pools. 
  • Head out to nature after a day of work. Or have a meeting outside. Skiing routes as well as the cycling and hiking routes start from the hotel's door. You can also by ready-made guided tours from Wild Nordic.
  • Book a renovated room (2021) which has a view on lake Pielinen.
  • Expolore the Karelian village at Bomba, go on a path of silence to relax and calm down. 
Remote work at Koli, Break Sokos Hotel Koli
  • At Koli you can have nature experiences which cant be found anywhere else. The gorgeous national landscape opens up from the hotel, slopes start riht next to the hotel and the top of Ukko-Koli is only 15 minutes away. This sight is something you won't forget! 
  • Explore the tops of Koli on foot or with snowshoes. Hit the slopes, ski or paddle on lake Pielinen.
  • After a day outside enjoy our sauna path and experience pools at Koli Relax Spa. You will also have a bath kit with you to the spa.
  • Enjoy a dinner at the scenic restaurant. 
Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Joensuu
  • Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Joensuu has a cozy sauna department with a jacuzzi. Enjoy a bath. 
  • Enjoy your dinner in one of our three restaurants under the same roof. 
Get to know our hotels on your webpages and make a booking now! 
You are warmly welcome to remote work at North Karelia! 
Break Sokos Hotel Bomba's, Break Sokos Hotel Koli's and Joensuu Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel' and Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna's staff

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