Regina salads to cheer up your meeting day in Turku

17 €  /person

These salad buffets can be offered for lunch, for example, or for an evening snack after your meeting. There are three choices of salad buffet: Mediterranean flavours, delicacies from the Finnish archipelago, or Oriental offerings.  

A flavour voyage to the Mediterranean

Green salad, tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper
Marinated red onion M, G
Kalamata olives M,G
Tsatsiki L
Stuffed vine leaves M,G
Greek pepperoni M, G
Feta cheese L, G
Meatballs with mint and pesto sauce M, G
Macerated bean salad M,G
Aubergine tagine M, G
Olive oil, red wine vinegar, salad dressing


Flavours from the Finnish archipelago

Green salad  M,G
Granny's cucumber shake-up M,G
Roasted parsnip M, G
Parsnip shavings and sea buckthorn vinaigrette M, G
Marinated cepes M,G
Warm-smoked salmon, lingonberries and mustard mayonnaise M,G
Halved boiled eggs M,G
Baltic herring marinated in dill M,G
Rustic pork cutlets with archipelago-style black bread L
Flatbread crispbread L and churned butter


Tastes from the East

Green salad M,G
Sesame-marinated chicken fillet M, G
Mango salad with chili and coriander M, G
Macerated tomatoes M,G
Prawns marinated in coconut milk M,G
Eastern coleslaw L,G
Vegetable noodle salad M,G
Herb-infused oil and naan bread

€17 per person

Groups of at least 10 people.

If there are any special dietary requirements, please notify us of them at least one week before the event.


Sales service, tel. +358 02 337 3800,

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