10% off Estonian design with the S-Card'

10% off Estonian design with the S-Card

Wuruhi showroom, which unites Baltic designers and artists and is located next to the reception at Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, offers a 10% discount to all S-Card holders. The represented artists include designers, whose jewellery is worn by the first ladies of several countries, but also some newcomers to the design world.
The new showroom will give you an excellent opportunity to see, touch and try Baltic design and to buy the pieces they love the most. The name Wuruhi comes from the Maori language and means ‘wolf'. Just like the Estonian national animal, Wuruhi is a strong, crisp and gracious pack animal who always protects its kind. Wuruhi.ee is an online platform that unites more than 50 Baltic accessory designers, who appreciate real handicraft, original ideas and quality solutions. The showroom offers a broad selection of Nordic jewellery made of leather, wood and precious stones, and other accessories for you and your partner.
See more at: www.wuruhi.com

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